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Multi-user Touch Controls

VCML is designed to fully describe multiple control schemes and allow controls to be concurrently active. User input is directly managed based on unique hudget or device identification and can be funneled into existing multiuser keyboard controls or X-Input controls to provide independent “first class” touch and gesture controls.

Table Top Multi-user Touch Controls

With the consumer availability of large-scale multitouch displays that can support up to 100+ touch points, multiple users can control separate interfaces at the same time on a single display. The example below shows two users operating an arcade style control scheme side by side in Street fighter II on a 55“ Ideum Drafting Table multitouch system.

Using large multitouch screens in a flat tabletop configuration allows multiple users to share the screen in unexpected ways. When playing “Spin Wars” as many as four users can be set up with one placed at each corner. All users can play on a single display at the same time.

Remote Multi-user Touch Controls

Using the “remote control” feature multiple users can operate independent interfaces on Android cell phones or tablets. Up to four views can be typically assigned to remote touch input devices. This can allow up to four simultaneous user control schemes. Each control scheme can have custom themes applied to the buttons and background to allow users to create character-driven custom gamepads on demand or customize controls to fit their comfort preferences.

The images above show 2 players using Android cell phones to control games in real-time. Each remote virtual control view can be customized in detail; from button actions, sizing and positioning to component skinning, accelerometer and track-pad gestures.

Genre Customized Touch Controls

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