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Multi-surface and Tangible Touch Control Schemes

Other multisurface interactive systems can unify multiple pcap touch displays into a single interaction context. The first example (below) shows a 42“ multitouch tabletop along with a 10” tablet. Both surfaces can be used to operate the system; each interactive display is dynamically configured to manage targeted content.

Ideum, Droid-Space, Tablet & Table-Top Tangible Desktop Ideum, Office Of The Future, Multi-Surface Pcap Tangibles)

The second example (above) uses two (3M 46“, ITO) pcap multitouch displays: one as an upfront display and the other as a tabletop surface. The table surface uses contact point patterns generated by table-top objects to track and recognize object interactions and gestures. Using objects in this way (to create interactions) is often referred to as table-top tangible interactive. Virtual controllers can be created (using VCML) that present custom display elements and behaviors when a specific object or tangible gesture is recognized. This can form the basis of an augmented application interface or an extended operating system for connected devices.

Ideum, JCB Interactive Wine Tasting (4+ tangible coasters) Ideum, 3D Printed Plastic Pcap Tangibles
(500+ pattern fiducial library)

Table-top tangibles offer the ability to add further interaction fidelity to familiar surface activities. In the example shown above, interactive coasters have been created for the JCB Winery with unique coasters (trackable pcap point patterns) that can be placed under cups or glasses. These coasters can add tangible behaviors to wine glasses on the (3M 55”, metal mesh) pcap surface and still allow complimentary multiuser, multitouch gestures on the same display. Note the holes in the coaster: these are to allow the light from the display to illuminate sections of the glass to showcase the color of the wine. Adding rich surface interactions to a multiuser, open-ended activity like wine tasting tightly integrates familiar 3D objects, dynamic interactive media and themed environments into carefully crafted immersive experiences.

Virtual Reality Control Schemes

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